Research Assistant


  1. Actively cooperate with superior leaders and the company’s internal and external scientific research cooperation communication to promote the smooth progress of scientific research projects;
  2. Manage the reception, statistics, sub-packaging, and delivery of scientific research samples within the company; be responsible for the management of the reception, classification, storage, statistics, and filing of scientific research materials and documents;
  3. Read the cutting-edge literature of the biomedical industry to achieve self-improvement, and share and report when necessary;
  4. Assist the company in applying for projects and undertake part of the research project writing work;
  5. Other matters arranged by supervisors.


  1. A full-time master’s degree in biology, chemistry, cell, and medical related majors, fresh or above to 2 years of work experience are acceptable, and those with better English are preferred;
  2. Have good learning ability, adapt to the efficient style of the Internet industry, and have a strong ability to withstand pressure;
  3. Be careful in work, have good communication and work habits, be stable, careful and cautious, have a high sense of responsibility, have strong coordination, communication skills and teamwork spirit;
  4. Focus on image, have strong writing and language communication skills and interpersonal relationship processing skills, be able to be flexible; have excellent logical thinking ability and execution ability.