In Vivo Scientist (Pharmacology)


  1. Contribution to planning, design and execution of in vivo pharmacology studies aimed at building pharmacologic relationships between drug exposure, target engagement, pharmacodynamic biomarkers, and activity of company molecules;
  2. Contribution to Ex vivo analysis of tumor or immune cells from various tissues, including collection and processing of multiple tissues and analysis, cell phenotype and functionality using multicolor flow cytometry and ELISpot would be a plus;
  3. Design and establish murine tumor models;
  4. Perform in vivo procedures in mice, including preparation and administration of dosing solutions via intravenous, intraperitoneal, and subcutaneous dosing routes, etc. and measure/readout of tumor progress;
  5. Effectively document study details, analyze and interpret data, and clearly communicate results within the organization;
  6. Collaborate with CROs and academic partners to generate data supporting preclinical development of company molecules;
  7. Work collaboratively with members of cross department team member to achieve team goals and support organizational goals.


  1. B.S. or B.A. degree in biological science or equivalents with 3-5+ years of relevant research experience, and a track record of delivery within in vivo pharmacology;
  2. Hands-on conduct in vivo techniques involving rodent models of tumor, delivering novel therapeutics;
  3. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analyses, clinical observations, and harvesting of tissues for analysis of efficacy;
  4. Prefer to have knowledge of mouse models of tumor biology and inflammation, animal care and use procedures;
  5. Prefer to handle standard molecular biology techniques to evaluate therapeutic effect (such as, but not limited to, RT-qPCR, ELISAs, and Western blots, tissue processing, FACS-based phenotyping, and functional analysis of immune cells using multicolor flow cytometry and ELISpot);
  6. Scientifically rigorous, highly organized, with significant attention to detail;
  7. Self-motivated, team- and goal-oriented scientist with good oral and written communication skills;
  8. Enjoys working in a fast-paced, small-company environment as part of a collaborative team.