1. Responsible for/participate in the research of pre-clinical safety evaluation of new drugs, and be responsible for the implementation of the pre-clinical toxicology research plan and test plan of the research project;
  2. Responsible for/participate in pre-clinical and clinical pharmacology and toxicology related literature data collection, analysis and evaluation;
  3. Responsible for/participate in the data analysis of the safety evaluation experiment, review the research report and scientifically explain the research results;
  4. Responsible for/participate in the supervision of the management and execution of the toxicological test of the cooperative CRO company, track the progress of the test part, and ensure the scientificity, compliance, progress and quality of the research project;
  5. Responsible for/participated in project safety evaluation and writing of some medical materials and project declaration.


  1. Master’s degree or above in pharmacology and toxicology and other related majors, 0-3 years of relevant work experience;
  2. Participated in drug preclinical toxicology research and familiar with drug development process;
  3. Those with drug development experience are preferred, and those with clinical pathological analysis experience are preferred;
  4. Have excellent English reading and writing skills, and be able to search and query documents proficiently.