Formulation Scientist


  1. Responsible for literature research, prescription screening, process optimization and amplification of preparation projects;
  2. Responsible for the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of preparation process research plans (prescription screening, preparation process optimization, packaging design, transportation conditions, preparation stability investigation and other new drug preparation related research);
  3. Standardize research in accordance with the requirements and prepare relevant original records and organize and archive the materials, and write research reports and review relevant application materials for preparation process research;
  4. Responsible for the use and maintenance of related test equipment.


  1. Bachelor degree or above in pharmacy, pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering, chemistry, pharmaceutical preparations and other related majors;
  2. Skilled in operating and maintaining preparation equipment;
  3. Understand GMP and drug production registration related laws and regulations;
  4. Have a high sense of responsibility and teamwork, good communication skills and work execution.